I am very proud of Powder Blue and all it has encompassed over the last 15 years… From the tiny beginnings at Wistow to Loseby Lane to here at Francis Street. 3 shops running along side our website was hectic, reflecting back on a monetary basis, I probably should have pushed harder and carried on with the 3. I look back now and wonder how the hell did I manage?

Running things solo was very stressful and a management role was not what I had signed up for, I needed to get back to being more creative.  Slowly Powder Blue began to hire mine and it’s collections of stock to companies, I was asked to do more work as a stylist, my homes had all appeared in Magazines & Books from the very beginnings of Powder Blue so Location Hire became part of the equation too. I now find myself being in the shop less and less and as a few will know even asked to write a book of my own !!!

So here I am Powder Blue & Me… not just a shop but a resource for props, locations, ideas, inspiration, and styling too. For now I have decided to close the retail branch of Powder Blue at the end of March, and with Spring new beginnings.

Not quite getting back to being an illustrator but at least the styling is creative and I do love that.

Debbie x