My last post was about how Powder Blue is not just a shop to here showing we are not just a prop house.

My clients don’t always need me as a stylist but do hire my props & locations.
When hiring out my props I ask what the brief is and requirements, this
helps me to show props that I feel will fit the look of the shoot.  I
can’t help myself and love to give my input; often coming up with ideas
or suggestions to give the image a little twist of interest.

On this occasion that Harlequin
hired our props, I thought of an old French head board; battered up and
broken apart, the inner panel had come away.  I like things that are
not always obvious and I could see the potential of this and suggested
this to the stylist to use the wallpaper or fabrics they were launching
as infills instead….

Harlequin will be launching the brand new Purity Fabric and Wallpapers collection at London Design Week 2015.  I certainly will look forward to spotting our props and sharing more images of the new collection.
Debbie x