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j’aime le rose. j’aime le gris

  Belgium not too far from France, Brussels not a million miles from Paris  and à la parisienne is the name of a blog that is never very far from my browser history. I’m sure most followers of PB blog already know Mandy, if not her blog then perhaps you have seen a beautifully styled image on Pinterest or purchased some of her lovely cards or corsages from Etsy –.. Read More

Emery & Cie

I stumbled on EMERY & Cie by chance, whilst on a buying trip in Belgium,  some beautifully coloured tiles drew me in…   Entering into the unassuming shop of Emery & Cie in Brussels for the first time, I was totally unaware what treasures were to await me and the hours I would spend wandering through this palace of colour and texture. Some may find crumbling walls and peeling paint.. Read More

Prop Hire for Harlequin Harris

Powder Blue have been loaning props to Harlequin Harris for many years. Our props have often featured in their advertising campaigns and sample books. I wanted to share with you some of those images… Some may appear very familiar, to you… Let me know if they do! Decadence Collection Indulgence Collection Lakia Collection Lakia Collection Lavera Collection Romanie Collection Romanie Collection Tamika Collection Lakia Collection

Sea View in Kernow

Dear Diary.A long weekend by the sea for some R & R… Looking out over The English Channel Peeking over the high hedge rows that are so indicative of Cornwall, we crane our necks to be the first to see the sea… reminiscent of childhood; it’s that thrill I feel, the anticipation and excitement of being by the sea, and all it’s possibilities; beach combing, rock pooling, snorkelling, looking for.. Read More

Open Gardens Arnesby

Arnesby Village Open Gardens this coming Sunday 26th June. After much persuasion, I am opening our garden at home, with nine other lovely gardens to raise money for the village.  Our garden is featured in the book Romantic Style.  You will probably smell the lilies before you see them, they are in full bloom and looking beautiful. The perfume is intoxicating and they smell wonderful, sadly the delphiniums and peonies.. Read More

Country Almanac USA

Country Almanac, is a US publication and my garden is featured in the Summer issue! I would have been none the wiser had it not been for one of my lovely eagle eyed customers spotting the article on the Book Romantic Style and loaned me her copy. How kind, and I was totally made up to see a picture of my home amongst the pages… Thank you Leanne.


It’s around this time of year when our thoughts turn to Easter  and the humble egg seems to feature everywhere… What is it about them? I love eggs – of all forms, and I have quite an eclectic collection. My collection ranges from paper to chocolate, from chicken to ceramic.  I am drawn to the pale blue / green hues of duck eggs and buy trays of them to blow, .. Read More

Take 3

3 professional photographers, 3 separate occasions,    All the images above are of my home past and present. The objects, location, and photographers vary, but the feel is very similar. Debi Treloar for Romantic Style   Nick Carter for Country Homes & Imteriors        Simon Whitmore 

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